In Australia and New Zealand, we proactively developed a set of measurable sustainability objectives back in 2011 which took us through to 2015. These objectives were set across our three pillars of People, Planet and Products and were aligned with Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s global sustainability objectives but challenged the Australian and New Zealand business to stretch ourselves further.

We are extremely proud of our progress toward these goals, meeting or exceeding 8 out of 9 of our objectives. Additionally, we were recognised for our sustainability achievements by winning six prestigious sustainability awards, including:

  • Banksia Award - Environment Minister’s Award for a Cleaner Environment (2014)
  • Australian Business Awards in both the Innovation and Technology categories (2014)
  • Banksia Award for Leading in Sustainability for large Organisations (2013)
  • Australian Business Awards for Environmental Sustainability (2013)
  • Forest Stewardship Council® Awards - Supplier of the Year Award (2013)

Since 2016, we have transitioned to our new sustainability strategy which will take us through to 2020. To find out more, click here.

You can see how we tracked against our 2015 sustainability objectives: