In Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), sustainability is a key focus of our local business strategy. We have developed a specific set of sustainability goals for ANZ: Sustainability 2020, which brings together the power of our brands, operations and employees and guides the development of initiatives, practices and the ways we work together with our customers, consumers, partners and suppliers to ensure we’re looking after our world for generations to come.

The ANZ Sustainability update for 2017 reflects on our local performance in the third year of the Sustainability 2020 strategy. We are pleased to report that at the end of year three, we remain on track with our new goals and through this work are delivering environmental, social and business value across five key priority areas – Social Impact, Forests & Fibre, Waste & Recycling, Energy & Climate, and Supply Chain. We know that we have ongoing opportunities to make a big impact on the communities in which we live and work and we are committed to delivering continued change in the years to come.

View how we tracked against our goals and download our 2018 highlights here