People are at the centre of everything we do.

Through our business and brands, we help people do more. Be more. Give more. Connect more.

In Australia and New Zealand we focus on making lives better for people through our Workplace Giving and Volunteering programs, Disaster Relief initiatives and Brand partnerships, and by making sure our employees go home safely at the end of every day. 

In 2015 we exceeded our goals for Workplace Giving and Volunteering with employees from every single business division and location getting involved in some way.

The below figures on workplace giving and volunteering participation have been calculated based on the number of occasions that our employees have engaged in the programs.

The total amount donated includes both cash and non-cash contributions donated through workplace giving and brand and corporate partnerships.

Case Studies

Helping to Save Lives and Educational Empowerment

Over the past two years, hundreds of our employees have been volunteering and fundraising to help start the first ever clinical trials for a rare genetic disease called Sanfilippo syndrome, which reduces the life expectancy of children to between 12 and 20 years.

Thanks in part to our caring team of people with the support of our Matched Giving Program, the Sanfilippo organisation has been able to fund the first clinical trials in both Australia and the United States, which is one step closer to finding a cure and saving the lives of many of the children living with this disease.

Kimberly-Clark Professional and Variety create an exceptional learning space for children living with disabilities at the Wairoa School.

Our Brands

In 2015 we continued to use the power of our much loved brands to drive social impact, helping children thrive and educating and empowering women and girls.

Huggies® Hugs for Healing partnership

Our Huggies® Hugs for Healing partnership with the Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia aims to deliver support and care to children in the five major children’s hospitals in Australia by raising awareness and much needed funding for high priority equipment.

IN 2015, We Donated
A further $150,000
Which is expected to
Help even more babies in 2016.


Huggies® partnership with the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society

Plunket sees over 92% of newborns in New Zealand each year through their nurse network and a variety of support services. Over the last 24 years, the Huggies® brand has donated over $8 million NZD which has helped these essential community services remain free for NZ families.

In 2015 we donated over 260,000 Huggies® Nappies and Toilet Training Pants, plus 60,000 packs of Huggies® Wipes to use where needed most, including Ante-Natal classes, at the Plunket Nurses first visit to the home and during toilet training classes.

In 2016 we are looking to see how we can support Plunket Line (which receives 100,000 calls per year) on relevant calls around toilet training and bed wetting, providing follow up information to mums.

U by Kotex® Schools Program

Our U by Kotex® Schools Program is a fully syllabus-compliant resource program which helps teachers and health nurses across Australia and New Zealand run classes on puberty and menstruation. 

In 2015 we reached over 207,000 girls

with our student packs in Australia, an increase of 103% from the previous year.

In New Zealand, we reach over 50,000 girls each year through our school program, our partnerships with many New Zealand Health Boards, our partnership with Endometriosis New Zealand and our new partnership with Attitude.

New in 2015: U by Kotex® NZ now with (even more) Attitude

In New Zealand, the U by Kotex® brand commenced a new partnership with Attitude, a national educational charity (a division of The Parenting Place) that is dedicated to promoting positive life skills to young people including helping them navigate puberty. In 2015, the partnership alone reached 20,000 students.

What makes Attitude unique - and a great fit with the U by Kotex® brand - is their team of young and passionate presenters who work with over 500 schools and 270,000 students each year. The Attitude presenters are experts in building rapport and engaging youth and their parents by bringing a humorous and fun vibe to the often awkward topic of puberty education at school.

Health and Safety

We champion workplace health and safety and take pride in the ways we support the wellbeing of our people.

In 2015, we achieved the lowest injury rate ever recorded for Kimberly-Clark Australia and New Zealand for the fourth consecutive year.

Total Reportable Injuries 2003-2015

Case Study

We know that early intervention is the key to keeping our people safe

In 2013 we launched our Early Intervention Program to shift the emphasis on safety to a more proactive approach instead of only addressing our lag indicators. This program offers an evidence based test-retest approach, to evaluate the effectiveness of the program with regard to employee health, risk factors for chronic conditions, movement function, injury prevalence and injury severity.

We were proud to be awarded the winner of the ‘Best Health and Wellbeing Program’ at the National Safety Council Awards (NSCA) ceremony held in Sydney, October 2015 based on the results we achieved in the Early Intervention Program.