As advocates of sustainable forest management, we ensure that we source the wood fibre for our tissue and towel products from forests that are environmentally responsible, economically viable and socially beneficial.

Our goals are:

This is supported by the programs and partnerships that we have in place.

Ethical Sourcing

We’re proud to say that 100% of the fibre used in our tissue and towel products is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified or FSC® Controlled Wood sources.

This means that all our Australian manufactured tissue and paper towel products, including Kleenex® Tissues, Kleenex® Toilet Tissue, VIVA® Paper Towel and the Kimberly-Clark Professional Kleenex® range, are FSC certified.

FSC is a third party certification that is internationally recognised as the global ‘gold standard’ in forest certification by leading environmental groups including Greenpeace and WWF®. FSC certification means that we source the fibre to make our tissue products from ethical sources where long-term forest management plans are implemented.

FSC certification also gives us visibility so we know exactly how our product is being handled at all points of contact, and we trace the wood fibre through every step of the supply chain – from the forest through to the finished product.

When sourcing all our fibre, we adhere to our industry leading, global fibre procurement policy which was developed in 2007 in collaboration with environmental groups such as Greenpeace and WWF.

Supporting FSC®

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) has a vital role to play in helping to protect and conserve the world’s most valuable and threatened forests.

By increasing awareness of FSC certification in Australia and New Zealand, we continue to help build further recognition and understanding of FSC, while emphasising the impact that purchasing decisions can have on the environment. We’ve been using the power and influence of our well-known brands to help increase awareness of FSC among our consumers, customers, business partners, employees and governments in Australia and New Zealand.

Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN)

Kimberly-Clark is a participant of the Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN), which promotes responsible forest management and trade to reduce the impacts of the pulp and paper sector and conserve the world’s valuable and threatened forests. GFTN works with more than 300 companies across the globe that are committed to ensuring a legal, responsible and sustainable forestry supply chain.

Using alternate fibres

We currently have an alternate fibre product in the marketplace - VIVA® Paper Towel with Bamboo Fibre. This product contains bamboo fibre, a highly renewable and fast growing alternative to wood fibre that automatically regrows and does not need to be re-seeded.

The bamboo fibre used in this product is FSC® certified, meaning that it is sourced from responsibly managed bamboo forests that are not inhabited by pandas. In addition, the bamboo is not the type consumed by pandas. As with all our other paper products manufactured in Australia, this product is also FSC certified.