We’re firmly committed to reducing our environmental footprint and leaving a positive environmental legacy for generations to come.

At our Millicent Mill in South Australia, we have reduced emissions and are working towards installing a wetland at the site, to create a safe habitat for rare and endangered birdlife species. Tree planting and other restoration projects are also planned.

We continue with our commitment to us FSC certified fibre, and are working to increase the recycled content of all our packaging – especially plastics.

We’re also investigating new materials for our products to reduce their impact on the environment, and working to support end-of-life systems to enable recycling for materials that aren’t currently accepted by kerbside collections.

And we’re proud to be the first Kimberly-Clark region globally to make the commitment to become carbon neutral in our operations. Through innovations in our own manufacturing process, as well as partnerships with some incredible environmental organisations, we hope to achieve this by 2030.

In addition, we’re working with our transport partners to reduce our emissions in our supply chain.

Learn more about our climate commitment, and how we're managing our plastic footprint

KCANZ2030 Smallest Enviro Targetspng