We realise the difference our well-loved brands can have on making lives better, and we continue to support initiatives and organisations that align with our brand values. Our work in this area also demonstrates K-C's value of caring.

As part of this commitment,
our goal is to better the lives of

1.2 Million people

through programs driven by our brands.

Read more about our brand partnerships and initiatives that are creating social impact:

Australian College of Midwives

Huggies® Nappies and Baby Wipes are proud to be a major supporter of the Australian College of Midwives, and support their work to enhance the quality of maternity care for Australian women and their families. The Australian College of Midwives endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.

Rhodanthe Lipsett Trust

The Huggies® brand provides product donations and ongoing support to the Rhodanthe Lipsett Trust since its launch in 2009. The Trust provides financial assistance in the form of small grants and scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander midwifery students, to support them in their study to become midwives.

Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA)

The Huggies® brand also supports the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA), providing Huggies® Nappies to each family that welcomes twins or triplets in Australia. AMBA is a not-for-profit organisation that provides support, resources and education to multiple birth families.

Huggies® brand partnership with the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society

Since 1992, our Huggies® brand in New Zealand has proudly worked with the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, New Zealand’s largest provider of free development, health and wellbeing services to children under five years.

The Huggies® brand provides regular product donations and works in partnership with Plunket. Since our partnership began, we have donated over $6 million NZD to the organisation to help support the crucial services they provide to New Zealand families.

Plunket sees over 92% of newborns in New Zealand each year through their Plunket nurse network, and provides support through home visits, clinic visits, mobile visits and PlunketLine, a free telephone advice service for parents, local community services and activities for parents and their children. The support of the Huggies® brand, along with other sponsors, helps these valuable services to remain free.

The Royal New Zealand Plunket Society

endorses Huggies® Nappies and Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.

Supporting Parents Centre New Zealand

The Huggies® brand in New Zealand works with Parents Centre New Zealand Inc, a not-for-profit organisation and the largest provider of childbirth and parent education in the country. The Huggies® brand sponsors the extremely important antenatal classes, where parents receive a range of Huggies products for their nursery or hospital bag. The program is offered at the Parents Centres 50 locations across the country, and touches a large number of Kiwis - 80% of first time mums will attend an antenatal course, and Parents Centres reach 40% of these parents.

Kleenex® SneezeSafe* program – Australia and New Zealand

Our educational Kleenex® SneezeSafe* program was created to help schools teach their students about coughs, colds and flu and the importance of correct hygiene in the classroom and at home.

The program was originally launched in New Zealand in 2005 and is now also running in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Poland. While the program differs slightly in Australia and New Zealand to align with the local education systems, both provide educational programs including fun learning resources to help schools teach students about correct hygiene and tissue use in counteracting the spread of cold and flu viruses.

In New Zealand, we have partnered with leading virologist Dr Lance Jennings and more than 20 District Health Boards and public health nurse networks who help deliver the program in schools.

Our educational Kleenex® SneezeSafe* program was created in New Zealand in 2005 and was launched in Australia in 2000.

Educating young girls on puberty and menstruation

Our U by Kotex® Schools Program is a fully syllabus-compliant resource program which helps teachers by supplying them with valuable resources, including lesson plans, interactive digital teaching materials and product samples to assist them with their classes on puberty and menstruation.

The program aims to educate young girls and prepare them for their first period by giving information and resources to someone they trust – their teacher.

In Australia, the program is approved by the Education Department and is endorsed by key associations, such as the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER). The U by Kotex® Schools Program also has an ambassador network consisting of 100 influential teachers across the nation who are in frequent contact to guide change and promote the program to others.

In New Zealand we have partnerships with many New Zealand Health Boards where fully trained health nurses use the U by Kotex® education resources when presenting at schools. Through this partnership, we reach over 30,000 girls each year in addition to our school program. We also have a partnership with Endometriosis New Zealand which delivers education programs to schools and we reach over 10,000 students via this partnership alone.

At Kimberly-Clark, one of our core values is caring and this extends beyond the walls of our workplaces into the communities in which we live and work.

In addition to making lives better via our brand partnerships, we take a proactive approach and encourage our people to make a positive contribution to the community through charities and causes that they are personally passionate about. We do this through programs like employee Workplace Volunteering and Workplace Giving.

We are also committed to helping the community when it needs it most, like donating essential products to those in need following devastating natural disasters.

We support this through the following key elements:

1. Payroll Giving
Employees can donate to the charity of their choice pre-tax through payroll deductions.

2. Matched Giving
We recognise the fundraising efforts of teams of employees by matching all net proceeds from their efforts.

3. Grants Program
We recognise the dedication of our employees who volunteer within the community more than 30 hours a year by providing grants to the organisation they work with.

4. Millicent Mill Community Giving
Employees raise money for the Millicent Mill Social Club which is then donated within the local community.

5. Disaster Relief
We work with Foodbank Australia to ensure our essential products are on hand in times of urgent need. Foodbank is a not-for-profit organisation that collects and distributes food and grocery items to welfare agencies to provide for those who need it most.

6. Volunteering Program
We provide each employee with one paid day of volunteer leave.