Building powerful partnerships to create a leading sustainable business and responsible supply chain.

Our One K-C values and behaviours are what make us unique. They inspire us and drive us to make a difference. We collaborate broadly both inside and outside our supply chain to empower and enable further growth and value – not just for our business, but for our shareholders, suppliers, consumers, and customers too.

In Australia and New Zealand,

Our goal is to
maintain social and environmental compliance through our own operations and that of our suppliers

by managing internal and external product supply risks and continuously improving our compliance programs. This includes upholding our commitment to a consistent culture of safety excellence with a demonstrated reduction in injuries.

We live our values through proactive environmental and social compliance programs that address our material risks. Some of these programs include:


Clean water is one of the world’s most vital resources, and we are committed to reducing water consumption and improving waste water quality at our Millicent Mill.

Our water conservation and recycling initiatives are centred on our Millicent Mill in South Australia where we manufacture our Kleenex® and Scott® Products, Kleenex® Toilet Tissue, VIVA® Paper Towel and Kimberly-Clark Professional products. Our other manufacturing site in Ingleburn, as well as our head offices, sales offices and distribution centres in Australia and New Zealand only use very small quantities of municipal water for the operation of employee amenities. 

We monitor and report annually all aspects of our environmental impact as part of our licensing agreement to the South Australian Environmental Protection Authority.


At Kimberly-Clark, we believe that occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable and can be eliminated. No production goal, cost saving, time saving or competitive advantage is worth an injury of any kind.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our people and we’re always striving to achieve the highest safety standards, which also includes a healthier workplace.

Our safety focus, day in and day out, is on achieving a fatality-free and incident-free workplace. We have policies and programs that support our employees’ safety and encourage them to keep themselves and each other safe.

Our three safety obligations to support our employees are:

  • We are obligated to refuse to take any action we consider unsafe, may cause property damage or to perform a task for which we are not properly trained or do not have the proper tools and to report our concerns to our team leader or Kimberly-Clark sponsor.

  • We are obligated to confront anyone performing or about to perform an unsafe act or a task for which they are not properly trained.

  • We are obligated, if confronted by someone who is pointing out to us an unsafe act or condition, to immediately stop what we are doing and resolve the concern, even if it requires others being contacted to help resolve the issue.